Graduations 2021

Superintendent Newsletter

A Message From Superintendent Decker

We made it! Here we are at the last day of school of an incredible, challenging and unforgettable school year.
Dear students, staff, families and community;

We made it! Here we are at the last day of school of an incredible, challenging and unforgettable school year. It has been nothing like I have seen in the conclusion of my 33 years of education and what an entry for my first Superintendent position. Having traveled the world, I have said many times, I am not sure which is worse, terrorism in North Africa/Middle East or COVID 19. Both resulted in people I cared for being harmed or passing that touched me significantly.

These past few days we have honored the graduating Class of 2021 with in person, small get-togethers and enormous support from the community. It is incredible to be surrounded by staff, students and families recognizing the incredible milestone for our seniors that have been so resilient this past year and so deserving of this celebration. Celebrations this week also included families gathering for Kindergarten and 8th Grade Moving UP celebrations.

We said goodbye to staff that are moving on to other adventures that have touched our lives. All of these events were centered around the “blanket wrapping” ceremony that signifies the spirit of family. Once you are part of this Quileute family you are always part of it.

It is hard to believe we started this school year remotely. We welcomed students back in a thoughtful and intentional way, keeping safety in mind and by the end of March all students were back in school at least part of the week. I am looking forward to the fall when we welcome students back to the classroom full-time.

Please take time to stay connected to the School Web Page where summer announcements will be posted. The web page is becoming a central point for announcements, school profile information and highlighting school happenings. We also have an active School Facebook page located at

Please review the Community section of the web page and view the QTS Public Events Calendar. Remember to click on the calendar events as more details are in.

Note the Summer QTS Office Hours, First Day of School for next year, and the fact that early releases are calendared for next year and have been moved to Fridays at 2:10 pm for student release. We want to give parents time to plan accordingly.

We encourage all parents to acquire a Google Gmail account as we continue to move our students and staff forward in the global skills knowledge of both Google Applications For Education (GAFE) through the Personal Learning Management System (PLMS), as well as Microsoft platforms. Students will be challenged to continue to develop the Global Skills needed to communicate on a Global level through a PLMS process.

Stay tuned for more information on the school web page.

At the top of the web page all will see a Skyward Login and students, staff and parents will be able to see their schedules for 2021-22 online and soon instructions will appear on how to download the Skyward App onto a mobile device. Speaking of Apps, watch for the FREE app coming on Quileute Nation Language and Culture, which we expect to be available in early July 2021. Again the development of the app was a rallying point during the week of June 7-11, 2021 by our Quileute elders, youth, and community leaders. It will be a supplementary tool that will place the Quileute Sovereign Nation Language and Culture at your fingertips. As we look to next year we will be asking the community to assist the school in reviewing and adopting (June 2022) the Language and Culture curriculum, which will involve history, arts, language and culture as we strive to reach our vision, our mission and our future.

Enjoy your summer, be safe and cautious with COVID-19 still lingering.

Mark J. Decker
QTS School Superintendent