When is breakfast served?

  • Breakfast is served from 8:20 am – 8:40 am

When is lunched served?

  • K2 Lunch is from 11 am – 11:30 am Monday – Friday
  • Grades 3-6 Lunch is from 11:30 am – noon Monday – Friday
  • Grades 7-8 Lunch is from 12:20 – 12:53 Monday – Thursday / Friday 12:08 – 12:40
  • Grades 9-12 Lunch is from 12:23 – 12:53 Monday – Thursday / Friday 12:10 – 12:40 pm

Does QTS provide snacks for students?

  • QTS provides a “light” afternoon snack in the Dining Room for only Grades K-6.  Teachers take a break with the students and supervise their students during this snack break in the dining room.  The snack is paid for from funds other than the USDA Foods program.
  • QTS provides a “light snack” after 4 pm to students in the 21st Century After School Program that is subsidized by the USDA Foods Program.  The QTS Cooks keep records on this program.

How much does breakfast and lunch cost students?

  • Student Breakfast / Student Lunch is Free

How much is an adult lunch?

  • All adults, including visitors/parents, may purchase breakfast or lunch tickets in the QTS Business Office in packets of 10.  All adults going through the food service line must have ticket prior to being served.  No charing is allowed.
  • Adult Breakfast is $3.50
  • Adult Breakfast is $5.00

How do parents request special dietary needs for their child based on doctor’s orders?

  • Parents who need to request a special dietary meal for their child will have an opportunity complete this request upon student registration with the School Registrar Stephanie Doebbler.
  • If dietary needs change due to allergies or other matters based on a doctor’s note, please call and visit with School Registrar Stephanie Doebbler, who will communicate accordingly with the Food Service Director & Cooks.

How do I make recommendations or give feedback to the Food Services Department?

  • Please notice in the gray box to the left of questions 1 and 2 above is a link called, “Food Services Feedback”. This allows a student, parent, adult eating lunch to provide feedback on the meal that generates an email to the cooks, food services director and IT Administrator.
  • Also, feedback can be given by calling the school and visiting with the Food Services Director.
  • For the 2022-23 School Year the Food Services Director is the School Superintendent.

How do I report or seek advice if I feel discriminated against?


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