Students Advise on Future of Student Center

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QTS Students to advise administration on future of Student Center

Grade 7-12 Student Center needs a student proposal

Friday, February 10, 2023 Superintendent Mark Decker announced to QTS staff that the administrative team of Principal Cole Peregrine, MOT Director Gus Wallerstedt, IT Director Todd Weeks and I have been struggling for several weeks with the status of the Grade 7-12 Student Center (e.g. cloth furniture not appropriate for food with spills and stains, lack of seating for students, lunch being eaten in that space when plenty of room exists in the cafeteria, garbage not properly removed, lunch trays and silverware not taken back to the cafeteria and inappropriate use of the student center during classes). We support and encourage a place for Grade 7-12 students to hang out. We encourage the student body to discuss with their advisors and their ASB Leadership and Advisor Cody LeClair ideas around how to make the Student Center space more student friendly and appropriately used.

When the building was being constructed the past several years, the vision for that space was to have the CTE Business Classes create a space to learn entrepreneurial skills where they developed business plans around sales and service. The concept of a place where students and staff could gather “like a Starbucks” feel to collaborate on projects or visit. The idea of students having a business plan to serve food in that space that does not conflict with breakfast and lunch programs could be considered. Appropriate seating that would be easy to clean and care for when spills occur. QTS has funds to make this happen, but having student buy in and support, where the space and furniture is cared for long into the future is key for the community.

UPDATE February 15, 2023: Students have decided to organize at lunch on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 to share ideas. We encourage student voice and hope for a great outcome for the future. In the meantime, we are requiring Grade 7-12 students to eat their lunch in the cafeteria or courtyard, then exit to the gym or student center. I look forward to a positive student driven solution being developed by students with staff assistance.